Mission Statement

We aspire to make free to play educational games that create meaningful experiences. We are driven by these ideals:

Scientia potentia est, “Knowledge is power”

Be passionate about training and improving. We have a breadth of knowledge and depth in the subject matter and we strive to provide that knowledge to other players.

Errando discitur, “We learn from our mistakes”

Embrace your mistakes as they allow you to grow. We iterate through our products that are no real “errors” in our culture, and that it is OK to make mistakes.

Ad astra per aspera, “Through adversity to the stars”

As long we align to create good educational games, we should factor emotions and conflict as part of the process. Everyone has something to say, and all opinions will be considered before debate and discussion happen.

Who We Are

We also work with a small staff to maintain our product testing, development, marketing, advertising, and social media presence.