Top-Down Personal Development Plan

Me multitasking

As a self-taught software engineer and over 15 years of learning, I managed to get a full-time position at Riot Games, where I had peers from Google or Netflix and education from a prestigious college.

Now, as an entrepreneur, I need to learn new things every day. I managed to be successful because I spend a lot of time learning and thinking about education. In this article, I’m going to expose my approach to a personal development plan.

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Johan de Bruin – Why I Create Educational Games

I’m Johan de Bruin, founder of Erudis Games, and I would like to share my background and how it inspired me to create educational games.

The story starts around 1995; when I was barely seven years old, I already established a loving relationship with videogames. I can vividly remember those situations when I entered in my local arcade, and my body would fill up with pure joy.

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