From Spanish Village to World Wide Games

Hello, I’m Johan de Bruin, and this is the background story of the two brothers of Erudis Games.

Mojacar: Hometown of Artists; Including Walt Disney

I was born in Mojacar in 1988, just a few years after Spain got out of their fascist dictatorship. The culture back then was focused on three main themes, kingship, church, and family.

Mojacar, a small village southeast of Spain

My mom decided in this little town to have me, and then my brother as a single mother; life was not easy in an old fashion town like Mojacar, and we all were subject to discrimination.

Growing up, we didn’t have the support from the educational system we needed. I decided to dive by myself and learn from books in the library; my brother jumped into nature and more emotional lifestyle.

Leaving the nest, from pushing carts in Walmart to Software Engineering

We decided to move to the United States, the origin country of our mother, at the age of 20th. We just booked a flight to San Jose (the heart of Silicon Valley), with three nights in a motel, $500 savings, and a lot of hope.

Luckily I was able to get a job quickly as a software engineer (a trade I self-study), my brother started to push carts at Walmart. Being 2012 and just survived an economic recession in Spain (where young unemployment was over 50%); we were grateful.

Dyslexia, Discrimination, and Job Frustration; My Brother’s Trinity

My brother never had the luck I had. His deep dyslexia and the apathy of the teachers in our home town made him unable to write and read correctly, especially a foreign language.

He had many jobs, but even being a hard worker, they were hard to hold. Also, they were minimum wage jobs, which is not enough to survive in this country.

One day we were in a video call, he was depressed as he lost one of his favorite jobs he ever held (in a pet daycare), I wanted to help him to develop professional skills that helped me to thrive. Also, I always wanted to do educational videogames. Hence, Erudis Games was born.

My brother is now a videogame artist.

We are not making money but we are learning, and that’s what matters; if history repeats it means that we will get a reward over the long run. And that’s basically the essence of our company.