Top 5 YouTube playlists about Game Based Learning

Extra Credits: Game In Education

Probably some of the best videos that talks about gamification and educational games.

Crash Course: Games

Not exactly educational games content (except a couple of videos) but a great playlist to learn the history of videogames in general.

Why You’re Bad at Exams… But Are Great at Video Games

Not really a playlist but this video from Daril Plays Games is probably one of the best explanations on why players can remember thousands of concepts from videogames and zero from school.

Gamification and Game Based Learning TedTalks

Very smart people make arguments about the future of edtech. From classrooms to corporations, how educational games can help us to progress.

Educational Game Reviews

Just a little of self promotion… In these series we review different games and we compare them against 3 different rates, Gameplay, Polish and Educational value.